Words, wise or otherwise, about wine

A fine evening for Rosé

Chateau Pradeaux Rosé 2011



Yes, we’ve had a miserable summer but one of the joys about living in England is that the unpredictable weather occasionally throws up a gem of a day when you least expect it. The kids have gone back to school, I’m on days off between trips, and I could spend the day in the garden just enjoying this late burst of sunshine.  There haven’t been many 25C days in the Cotswolds this year but yesterday was a cracker so it seemed the opportune time try and recreate a long, lazy, warm Provence evening and this Chateau Pradeaux Rosé transported me an instant to the balmy shores of the Mediterranean in Bandol.

The colour of this wine is a subdued, pale orange rose but has a brilliant clarity to it that suggests a brooding elegance and invites you to quickly dive in. It’s a slow starter this wine, the nose is light but hints at the complexity to come. It only really gets going after a couple of sips. Delicate layers of flavour start to emerge from the glass, strawberry, mulberry at first but herbal notes begin to emerge including the wonderfully evocative ‘garrigue’ herbs. Nectarine, quince and peach take over and this is all supported by an insistent citrus acidity that carries a wave of minerality with it. Don’t expect a full-on assault of flavour, this is a wine that focusses on elegance and develops in the glass, enticing you back in with its ever-changing, complex and refined character.




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