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Beaumont Wines – A couple of tasting notes

I’m always on the look-out for new wines to add to the Vincisive portfolio and have been searching for a Pinotage that offers a pure expression of the fruit rather than the bombastic, aggressive, smoky monsters that batter you in to submission with 15.5% alcohol. You just don’t ever want a second glass of those fearsomely potent brews. This search led me to Sebastian Beaumont who is making Pinotage in South Africa’s Bot River, just a little way inland from Walker Bay. That Pinotage will be the subject of a different blog post all of its own but Sebastian also sent some samples of his other wines and I had the opportunity to try a couple of them yesterday.

Beaumont Shiraz Mouvedre 2009

A blend of 61% Shiraz and 39% Mouvedre leads to a beguiling nose that continues to change and evolve. Initially meaty but quickly supported by a delicious chorus of blackberries, dark cherry, chocolate, coffee and sweet spices. There’s a thread of vanilla with a dash of pepper and ripe figs.

Generous on the palate with an excellent structure. Firm, ripe and juicy tannin enlivened by complimentary acidity gives a keenly balanced feel to the wine. Not quite as overtly complex as the nose but I suspect given an hour in a decanter and served with grilled meats this wine will open up beautifully.

Beaumont Vitruvian 2008

Sebastian’s flagship blend of 38% Mourvèdre, 27% Pinotage, 12% Petit Verdot, 12% Cab Franc and 11% Shiraz matured in oak barrels for 2 years, 1/3 of which was new. Much more restrained than the Shiraz Mouvedre but there is the same recognisable initial meaty core with a rich sweet fruit profile. The Pinotage element marks this out as a South African blend but unlike many examples of these super-blends, it sits harmoniously with the other components and is complimentary rather than standing out as a distinct entity.

This wine is smooth, polished and statesmanlike with brooding power and structure. Quite closed at the moment but given 5-10 years the dark berry fruit and oak should come together beautifully creating a harmonious wine of beauty that will continue to evolve for a decade or 2.

Beaumont Wines Website


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